Cinta Kita Persatukan Shireen & Teuku Wisnu

Monday, May 10, 2010

VIVAnews - After a successful duet in sinetron 'Cinta Fitri', Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Vishnu again united. However, this time not through soap operas, but through song. Both of them sang a song called 'Cinta Kita'.

'Teuku Vishnu' claims must be brought very nervous during the song. He was not used to have to show off the sound. Moreover, this time singing itself must adapt to Shireen Sungkar who became duet friends.

"Deg-degan, nervous anyway so one of them," said 'Teuku Vishnu' when found in the MD Entertainment, Central Jakarta, Monday, May 10, 2010.

It is also felt by Shireen. Although familiar with Wisnu, Adly Fairuz lover was still feeling embarrassed when it comes to duet with man whom bloody Aceh.

"If I do, I usually duo with brother. Never had the same male duet," she said.

The song was included in the OST Cinta Fitri. In the album there are also other singers such as Mulan who sang a song called 'YA ALLAH'. In the album there are 12 songs. The song tells about the power of love that never wavered despite the many obstacles. Video clips taken by Rizal Mantovani. (Pet)


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