Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zaskia Sungkar artist's birth 22 December 1990 is the vocalist of the duo group with her sister Shireen Sungkar-named The Sisters.

Zaskia have hobbies like singing than acting like her sister Shireen Sungkar zaskia therefore often refused to play soap operas and television movie because her interest is more into her sound world of this appeal, finally in 2008 zaskia Sungkar took her sister Shireen Sungkar and created a group called "The Sisters" embrace flow with a single pop hit is, "miracle of love". Zaskia also starred in several advertise.


Name: Zaskia Sungkar
Birthday: 22 December 1990
Father's name: Mark Sungkar
Mother's Name: Fanny Bauty
Last Education: Texas Woman's University '08 public relations
Favorite Music: everything about Screamo

Her Photo Below

zaskia sungkar profile


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